Cargo Service A/S also specialises in warehousing and CFS where our skilled teams have complete inventory control and undertake all tasks related to storing of cargo. We move your business forward by providing spacious and modern warehousing facilities that accommodate and ensure full surveillance of all cargo in our custody. Our warehouses are designed to provide clients with flexible handling of any cargo, whether for short term or long term storage. We see to it that our facilities are in alignment with the highest standards of storing food. For instance, based on the inspection records conducted by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, Cargo Service warehousing hygiene holds an Elite Smiley that signifies the highest score achievable on the Danish Smiley-scheme.

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We also have a container-freight station (CSF) that has the capacity to store one stop cargo such as wind turbines, containers etc. Furthermore, in order to avoid the risk of any damage to cargo during transportation, we see to it that cargo is handled with precaution and kept stable by offering lashing and securing solutions. Overall Cargo Services' Warehousing & CFS provide the following:

  • Stuffing and stripping of containers, trailers, mafis and railway wagons
  • Handling and consolidation of all kinds of cargo
  • Reloading of cargo from one kind of transport to another
  • Lashing and packing of project cargo
  • Bonded warehouse (import and export storage)
  • Short- and long term storage
  • Storage of raw material
  • Warehouse functioning in connection with reception of cargo for assembly containers
  • Storage of air cargo
  • Wrapping of pallet goods
  • Pallet sales and of various export wrappings
  • Frost-proof container storage
  • Operation of third party warehousing

Photo Gallery of Warehousing/CSF