Cargo Service's history and operations can be traced back to the late 1800's. What had once started out as an Employees Association with common interests and relations to the port of Aarhus in 1895, a year later changed its name to Aarhus Stevedore Kompagni.
In 1897 business operations continued to accumulate as the port was now open for businessmen, forwarders, organisations and companies. This provided the aforementioned the opportunity to use warehousing and stevedoring facilities and employees. What was once known as Aarhus Stevedore Kompagni was later on renamed to Employees Association at the Port of Aarhus.  Over years, there was an increase in cargo turnover which imposed the need for drift companies like Cargo Service Aarhus A/S. With a historic backbone that dates back a 110 years, Cargo Service has continued to move forward by expanding its business operations within cargo handling. This is maintained by providing high quality services that meet the requirements and expectations of our clients and regulatory authorities.